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    MODEL UP Magazine is an International magazine about the Modeling and creative culture. We are about the real people, like you and me. The photography, makeup and glamour behind them. We have fiction and interesting real life stories. We’re about fashion, tattoo artists, body jewelry, hairstyles, and even body painting. We are all about what people spend their time doing, surfing, playing in a band, artistry, photography, strange stuff, and Modeling Agencies. Stories about real life models around the Globe. There’s better stories and stuff to think of and look at in the world than the usual news and gossip. Everyone has a story that's unique and interesting. Tell us about ‘em. I think most people would love this chance.

    MODEL UP Magazine is now a digital/print magazine with online subscriptions coming soon...We are also available for your I-Phone, I-Pad, and Android devices, as well as available on the Amazon/Kindle App. Recently we went through a structural change, and once again another change in January...a step for the better. We don't make any money to put this magazine out. Why... you ask? Everyone in the modeling industry needs an audience and we can provide that, in our writing, photos, art, stories, people, and more. If you feel you the best of the best, then please submit to us some work you can show us...

 We don't share your information with anyone and we won’t ever contact you regarding non MODEL UP Magazine related information. We respect your privacy completely. Telemarketers won’t call you because of us! We HATE telemarketers, (sorry)

  • I want to be published! What is the magazine looking for?
    We need:
    • Models - We'll photograph you, or publish photos you submit to us of yourself. Accompanied by a copy of a release form.
    • Writers - Fiction, Non-Fiction, Humor, Advice, Recipes, Reviews, Poetry, Astrology, anything to do with the modeling industry. Artists – Models that are painters, Illustrators, Digital/Graphic Designers, Craftsmen (Jewelry Makers, Shoe Designers, Wood Workers, etc...).
    • Photographers - We only publish NON_NUDE photography that's your own. Accompanied by copies of release forms.
    • Musicians - All genres. We promote bands and individual performers. We set up interviews, and do a feature monthly.
    • Cover Girls - We can take your photo for a cover accompanied by a biography of you and an interview. Submissions welcome.
    • Contact us at:

    We would like to meet people interested in being published for their talent, as well as beauty in the models. What kind of talent are we looking for? Since we are a magazine that is all about the modeling industry.
    We are looking for what you have to offer in that field. We publish writers, artists, photographers, and models, model agencies, makeup artists and a whole lot more. We also publish stories from promoters, small business owners, athletes, surfers, musicians, film makers, and more. We're always working on a variety of projects.

    • Soon we will be starting our online subscription version of MODEL UP Magazine for a very low cost, so make sure you keep in contact if not volunteering with your stories and support. We want motivated people who are serious about modeling, and of course the best of the best. We get a lot of submissions, so please be patient.   
  • Starting January 1, 2013 we will be even more selective in the models we choose...We will still however have a section for the newbies to modeling.

    • As of right now we are accepting submissions for volunteers, seeing we are not being paid to publish this at the moment…We can see from who we publish now, that we will be able to hire on as writers later, etc…

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